• bad girl avenue
    bad girl avenue

    visuals from the feature film directed by klaus lemke · starring judith paus, mela feigenbaum, daidy mair, anabelle griess-nega, panagiotis matsangos · produced by klaus lemke filmproduktion · 2018

  • about a girl
    about a girl

    poster & still photographs for the feature film directed by mark monheim · starring jasna fritzi bauer & heike makatsch · produced by imbissfilm & bayerischer rundfunk · 2015

  • arthurs gesetz
    arthurs gesetz

    still photographs for the tv series directed by christian zuebert · starring jan josef liefers, martina gedeck, cristina do rego, nora tschirner & david bredin · produced by turner network television & good friends filmproduktion · 2018 · in progress...

  • meeting a hero
    meeting a hero
    impressions from the opening of peter lindbergh’s exhibition »from fashion to reality« · kunsthalle munich · 2017
  • unter verdacht
    unter verdacht

    still photographs for the tv film directed by andreas herzog · starring senta berger, gerd anthoff, rudolf krause, michael greiling, anton spieker & svenja jung · produced by eikon media & zdf · 2019 · in progress...

  • party tonight
    party tonight

    visual wanderings through nightlife & club culture · five photographers, five cities · an earbook with four cds edited by max magazine & edel classics · 2005

  • making klaus
    making klaus

    director klaus lemke presents his latest feature film »making judith« · filmfest munich · 2017

  • the king is gone
    the king is gone

    andreas ammer & the hochzeitskapelle on stage with their radio play »the king is gone - the bavarian king’s revolutionary days« · starring friedrich ani, eva löbau, frauke poolman, judith huber & wowo habdank · kammerspiele munich · 2019

  • falsche siebziger
    falsche siebziger

    still photographs for the tv film directed by matthias kiefersauer · starring fred stillkrauth, gerhard wittmann, gundi ellert, ilse neubauer, kathrin von steinburg, markus krojer & sebastian bezzel · produced by h&v entertainment & bayerischer rundfunk · 2017

  • die flüchtigen
    die flüchtigen

    poster & still photographs for the short film directed by sven kramer · starring michael mendl & sven kramer · produced by imbissfilm · 2011

  • die einsamkeit des jägers
    die einsamkeit des jägers

    poster & still photographs for the short film directed by benjamin pfohl · starring rené dumont & eva kruijsen · produced by neuesuper & hff · 2012

  • puch open air
    puch open air

    poster & visuals for the independent music festival · designed by tom ising for herburg weiland · 2001 · coming soon...

  • museum mobile
    museum mobile

    illustrated catalogue for the grand opening of the museum mobile of audi ag ingolstadt · designed by susanne schaal for kms · 2000 · in progress...

  • sonny jim
    sonny jim

    cover & visuals for the album »im schatten junger mädchenblüte« · designed by claudia klein for blickpunkt pop · 2001

  • ford mustang 5.0
    ford mustang 5.0
    does your car have a part-time job as well? · private carsharing in germany · focus magazine 2017
  • tesla s
    tesla s
    ultrasone’s ceo michael willberg about mobility & the  future of automobiles · focus magazine · 2016
  • die jäger der trüffeln
    die jäger der trüffeln

    supplement »kochlust« · süddeutsche zeitung · 2005 · coming soon...

  • think like us
    think like us

    apple store rosenstraße · 2011 – 2015 · in progress...

  • hoffmann mineral
    hoffmann mineral

    marketing campaign · created by serviceplan · 2007 · coming soon...

  • on any friday
    on any friday

    »the precipitate of history is always the unhappiness of the individual« (konrad wolf · divided heaven · ddr 1964) · gun rampage by the 18-year-old david s. at munich’s olympia shopping mall · 2016

  • when we were kings
    when we were kings

    bayern munich celebrate their domestic double on the town hall balcony of munich’s marienplatz · süddeutsche zeitung · 2016